Faithful to the original? Mostly.

I finally got round to seeing the A-Team movie t’other day. And I have to say that I found it to be most enjoyable, with considerable excellence all round.

As an avid fan of the original series (wasn’t every kid in the western world in the 80s a fan of the original series?) I had very mixed feelings. The film could do one of three things: it could stand on its own, it could compliment and enhance the original, or it could desecrate the original. If the latter, I suspect that a jihad of epic proportions would flow forth from the disillusioned children of the 1980s…

Luckily, I think that it falls straight into the first possibility: it’s more stand alone, with considerable homage paid to the original, but it’s also its own film.

The characters are all similar enough to the originals that they’re recognisable, but different enough that they’re not straight rip-offs. I like how Murdock had the insanity dialled up; I like how Mr T was less serious. I liked how they tried to fly a damn tank. Hell, for the first time ever, I liked Jessica Biel in a film.

The massive set piece tricks are clearly lifted from the original, but with big budget explosions rather than network telly funded explosions. Which is always an improvement in my mind.

Of course, being a movie the body count is much much higher than the original, where one of the tenets was that they didn’t actually kill people very often. Which is a matter of taste, of course, but most of the deaths were done in comedy style so we’ll let them away…

All in, I liked it. And TLW giggled like a mad’un during most of it, which can only be a good thing.

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