Long delayed film reviews

Finally got round to seeing The Social Network the other day. This is a film that has been troubling for me; as many might have figured out, I’m quite the fan of Mr Sorkin’s writing. I loved the West Wing, I loved Sports Night and I loved Studio 60. However, Sorkin the man vexes me slightly; he’s quite far up his own arse and he has a history of talking like a douche.

I think that’s why I’m troubled by the film: it’s largely about Mark Zuckerberg, a young man who is quite far up his own arse and has a history of talking like a douche. In short, I was worried that it might end up being a bit auto-biographical.

In the end, it wasn’t. It featured much of the excellent fast paced dialogue that we’d expect of Sorkin, it was finely acted, it made me want to punch Justin Timberlake with some form of stabbing implement. Downsides: the geek speak was somewhat nonsensical1, and Sorkin managed to fit his own perma-tanned leather features into a cameo. Stay behind the camera, dude…

All in, I think it was pretty good. Was it his best work? No. Not even close. Was it perfectly watchable and in the top five of Mr Sorkin’s? Yes. Still, do better next time. And stay away from geekery, it just hurts my poor brain when you get it wrong.

1 – Not necessarily this film’s fault. More likely caused by the way that hacking is not exciting as a visual exercise and therefore any film about hacking is handicapped from the start.

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