How would they even know?

The domino effect that’s causing dictators to either fall or fight back in the Middle East has got people musing: where’s next? Will it be North Korea?

Probably not, as the above article notes.

“I believe the North Korean people have yet to learn of the facts,” says Hyun In-taek, the South Korean minister with lead responsibility for relations with the North, referring to recent events in the Middle East.

“The North’s television does not report on them and the people can’t use the Internet.”

Y’know, being a self-confessed news junkie, I find it very strange that there are still places in the world where just possessing any bit of information about the outside world would get you in shit. And it’s especially depressing when the information is that dictatorship isn’t endless and that the best people to get rid of it are those in the country already.

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