Things at which I am very bad

Item 26 in a very long list: leaving known presents unopened.

If, for example, it was to be my birthday in a month, yet a present had already arrived, I’d usually be OK to leave it unopened. Unless I knew what was in the present, in which case I’d find it very difficult not to open it and have a play. I don’t know why known presents are more of a temptation than unknown ones, but they are.

Such uselessness on my part may go some way to explaining why there is an open Amazon box on my desk and a shiny new Kindle on the shelf, courtesy of TLW.

It will surprise few, I think, to discover that I’ve wanted a Kindle for some time; in fact I’m pretty pleased that we’ve managed to avoid buying one for six whole months since we really went looking. But now I have one, and I’ve access to this list, there’s nothing really stopping me. All those classics that I’ve never gotten round to reading should start being ticked off any day now…

Hurrah! And also many thanks to the TLW for the early birthday present!

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