The joy of dogs

Last weekend, TLW and I went back to Belfast for a bit. Which meant that young Miss Roxy needed to find a home for a bit.

Such a home was duly found, and Mr & Mrs TL-in-laws were soon in possession of a very excitable puppy. Who behaved quite well for them.

It seems, however, that all the excitement caused by having a temporary new home has spoiled her a bit. And she took out this excitement on our furniture.

Our dining room chairs should look like this:

But two now look like this:

Question, dear internet: what is appropriate revenge for such wanton destruction? I’m thinking that we deny her any dignity and make her dress up…

4 thoughts on “The joy of dogs

  1. No, she climbed up onto the table settled herself down and spent an enjoyable afternoon gnawing on the damn thing.

    She owes us 2 chairs, 6 placemats, 3 candles, a book, and a glass ornament, a box of tissues, and several letters now. She’ll have to get a paper round…

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