Why complain?

I’m clearly a fan of flying things, especially things that fly very fast and cause lots of noise. So I’d absolutely love to have RAF bods do low flying training around my homestead. Unlike these folk, who are busy complaining about it.

RAF fighter jets are causing controversy in the Mourne area of South Down.

The planes, which are not based in Northern Ireland, have been carrying out low-flying training manoeuvres over the mountains in recent weeks.

“I don’t see why they have to do this near places such as Dundrum and Newcastle.

“Why can they not carry out their manoeuvres in a more remote area where they’re not going to annoy people and upset their lives?”

Dundrum: population 1,065. Newcastle: population 7,444. It’s hardly like they’re doing it over Metropolis, is it?

Plus, as training areas go, that area is pretty special. You have mountainous areas, plains, and shore. And if anything goes wrong, you point your plane eastwards, eject and let the wreckage fall into the Irish Sea. Brillant.

And all the locals get to watch aerobatics. In fast fighter jets. Everybody wins.

Now, if they could only arrange to get some of them to practice over South East London, that’d be even better. It’d make a change from the usual Apaches…

2 thoughts on “Why complain?

  1. Yeah, I discovered them yesterday. Which means I now get to spend a chunk of time finding out how they got in, what they did, and how to undo it. What fun.

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