Food envy

I have the catering ability of someone who can’t cook; I’m fine with this fact and I realise that it’s never going to change. But I do appreciate those who can, which is why I’ve been glued to MasterChef this series. Personally, I wanted yer man Tom to win, because I think his restaurant would be one I’d go to again and again, while Tim’s would be one that I’d visit just the once. But that’s not the point.

The point is that the food from Tom & Tim was just amazing. Sara, less so, but that’s just because I can’t get my head round having chocolate in my starter or jam in my main course. The rest was just drool inspiring, which clearly didn’t pass Greg Wallace. The man’s eyes and facial expressions were among the funniest things I’ve seen on telly this year, and the sheer hunger on his face was a delight to behold.

TLW agreed, and summed it up quite sufficiently upon Wallace eye-fucking Tim’s desserts. Said she, simply: “You fat fuck, Wallace”.

That said, I want his job. Badly.

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