What have we become?

TLW & I are of an age where quite a few people we know are having kids. Well done for them. But it means that we spend quite a lot of time getting little presents; TLW is keen on finding something interesting for the children, I’m happy just buying vouchers that will help with said children.

This has usually meant that we go to Mothercare, see if there’s anything that she’s happy with, and if not we get vouchers from the shop instead. Perfectly sensible, I think.

However, given the news last week, it all went a bit too posh for my liking:

Me: See Mothercare is closing a load of their shops?

TLW: I did. I can see why, though, their stuff is a bit crap and you can always get better from John Lewis…

Oh dear. When did we become that sort of couple?

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