Testing testing…

Is this thing still on?

And more importantly, is anyone still listening?

Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, this here place got somewhat hacked. By which I mean, totally pwned. So I stopped a lot of things happening on it, and deleted a lot of scripts and the like. And then said to myself: “I should probably take the time to rebuild the entire site”, which seemed like the right thing to do. Then *boom*, life happened. Anniversaries, trips, celebrations, birthdays, expeditions and visitors happened. And I completely forgot about it, and with it forgot to blog at all.

A couple of email conversations and FB messages later, I thought that I should at least turn the place back on. So that I’ve done: a clean install, and I Didn’t Quite Catch That is back on the air.

Whether it will stay there is another matter; I’m not sure if I still have the blogging bug, given that I’ve not written anything in over two months. I’ll see what happens, but if I decide that I’m past this little phase, I’ll try to draw a line under it properly, instead of letting it wither and die.

3 thoughts on “Testing testing…

  1. I’d claim the picture as my own, but the reason it’s there is that this is now the basic WP theme. Absolutely no styling has been done by me.

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