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Shocking news on the political front: Brown was really a bit of a shit.

My question is this: who, exactly, didn’t realise before time that Brown was a bit of a shit? A control freak, a self-righteous wingnut, a back-stabbing twat? Who thought he would be a good PM? I don’t know; I’m not a fan of Labour1, but I could name about twelve people from their 2007 front bench that I’d rather have had in Number 10 than Brown.

So it’s not really news that Brown had people briefing against his hand-picked Chancellor. It’s not news that he had his head in the sand over how bad the deficit was (and is). It’s certainly not news that people in Labour were discussing how to get rid of him soon after giving him power. But it is useful to see how so many of the people still on the opposition front benches (a) were too scared of action to get rid of the fool and (b) are still pretending that he did a decent job.

I thought opposition was supposed to be easy…

1 – Or most political parties, to be honest. I have a soft spot for the Monster Raving Loonies, at least they admitted that they’d be shite in power.

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