Let the battle commence

What with my subtle and well hidden dislike of politicians and politics, I am heartened to see that plans to cull 50 MPs continue apace.

Some of the most high-profile MPs in Parliament face seeing their seats disappear as part of a far-reaching shake-up of the Commons map in 2015.

Ken Clarke, Chris Huhne and Tessa Jowell are among those in England whose constituencies may change.

The plans, which will be subject to two years of consultation, are part of a move to cut the number of MPs by 50 to 600 by the next general election.

What amuses me is that the coming couple of years, when the proposals are being dealt with through consultation and the like, will see some of the nastiest politics of recent days, as sitting MPs spend their time stabbing opponents (within and without their own parties) to secure the new constituencies for themselves. It should be hilarious to see the alleged elder statesmen (and -women) fighting like cats in a sack. Especially when there isn’t much to be lost from our point of view.

Bring it on, and if possible, televise it.

3 thoughts on “Let the battle commence

  1. Idea: give constituency immunity to any MP who signs up as a squaddie in the infantry, volunteers for active service in a combat role and agrees to an NDA covering the period.

  2. I’m willing to allow public disclosure of the immunity. Given sufficiently stringent criteria for the awarding of the immunity, the fact of it’s existence should be all that’s necessary for their purposes.

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