The circle is almost complete

Back when the trend for driver feedback started, there was probably a point to it. The sticker on the back of the vehicle gave you a simple phone number and a simple reference for the vehicle, so you could remember it and call if something stupid was done by the driver. Now, when every fleet vehicle in the land seems to have one, I doubt it’s the same. You need to remember to phone 084546786899543987508162098642, options 1-8-6-1 and the registration number, and then make your feedback. Not a sequence off letters and numbers that is likely to stick in your head when you’ve just been cut up by a dick in a white van.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed a spate of vehicles with a … simpler message. As seen below.

See? Nice and easy to remember. And indicative of the intent behind the stickers in the first place: to pretend that you care what other people think, while making it as difficult as possible for them to tell you what you think.

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