Things that are unexpectedly nice

Walking the dog in the early morning at this time of year.

You get about an hour of peace and quiet, with the normal sounds of the city subdued. You get to meet a couple of other dog walkers and talk shite for a minute or two. You get to see the sun starting to rise and hear the urban dawn chorus. ‘course, in this part of the world that means that you get deafened by parakeets rather than traditional songbirds, but hey.

Also, the park seems very calming and quite busy at the same time; on the way around during daylight I might see half a dozen dogs and their humans; in darkness I see many more by their use of lit collars and torches. But still, it’s eerily quiet. Except for the scores of early morning flights into Heathrow, naturally, but then I’m odd and like them as well.

I’m a fan. At least until the rain returns.

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