Good Start

Ireland won the first game of our RWC campaign, beating Romania 45-17, which is a good opener. Ireland were a bit shaky to start, and didn’t make enough of the first half advantage, but they did run in a couple of fantastic tries and Humphreys’ kicks were spot on. The Romanians had a bit of bad luck, and their flyhalf, Tofan, missed far too many kicks (even with the wind behind him).

All in all, a good start to the campaign; we got lucky but also mad ethe most of what we got. And now to Namibia.

Oh, and cheers to Chez for pointing out that RWC blog-type-thing. It’s pretty good.

Another aside: this annoys me. Ireland’s match wasn’t shown live on UTV because of network (i.e., ITV) rights issues. Well stick that right up your arse, boy. I guess I’ll be watching the rest of the campaign on RTÉ.

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