Blogology 101

Or, “The study of the inception, growth and decline of weblogging”

The BBC linked to a survey about weblogs. This survey estimates that:

Blogs are updated much less often than generally thought. Active blogs were updated on average every 14 days. Only 106,579 of the hosted blogs were updated on average at least once a week. Fewer than 50,000 were updated daily.

Yay! There’s only fifty thousand weblogs that update daily, and I’m one of them! That makes me feel unique, that does!

Or not:

This analysis does not cover nonhosted blogs – blogs that individuals maintain on their own servers using their own tools. Such blogs require more work to set up and will be characteristically different than those blogs created using hosting services.

Ah. So mine wouldn’t be covered in that, then? Ah, so you don’t really have a clue about the true numbers, because there are a hell of a lot of non-hosted blogs out there? Oh well.

As an illustration of this, have a look at my blogroll. Only one of the blogs on there is hosted, and that’s hosted by a friend, not one of the services listed. So there must be a good proportion of blogs that are self-catered, and that would skew up everything, wouldn’t it?

Speaking of blogrolls, I think that Pave France seems to have keeled over and died. Thinking about it, it’s been about a year since the whole anti-France thing kicked off, so it may have died due to natural causes, but I am still hoping that it comes back soon. If not, it’ll have to come of the blogroll. Boo!

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