Quite clearly stolen

From Grannymar

Q ~ Questions

QQuiet or noisy? Quiet, for preference. Although not silent.
UUnction. Bless you, that sounds like a nasty cough.
EEarly or late? Early, although it would appear that I’ve only mastered the second half of “early to bed, early to rise”
SShower or bath? Shower for being clean, bath for resolving aches and pains.
TType of dog? Any, although a certain staffie cross has a special place in my heart.
IIt lights up. When things go wrong.
OOccurred in 1968? There was a big party to celebrate 13 years remaining until my birth.
NName a super power you’d like. Teleportation, just to cut down on the commute.
SSnack/s you like? All. All of it.

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