A scarily long time

Ten years ago today, I pushed publish on a old a battered piece of software, and this appeared on the internet:

This is my first attempt at a post. So there’s not actually anything here.
But hey, I’ll give it a go.

I was young, immature, had too much time on my hands and too many idiotic thoughts in my head that I thought the world needed to hear.

Ten years, 5,272 posts, 6,531 comments, 409,072 spam comments and over a hundred thousands visitors (apparently) later, I’m still here. Much less so; I went from doing about 800 posts in my first year to doing 50 last year, and the number of comments made in the last year was even smaller. But I’m still here, still immature, have significantly less time on my hands and still have far too many idiotic thoughts in my head. Considerably less young, though.

For how much longer I’ll be here, or the blog will be here, I know not. As long as I can find a couple of things every month that I feel like talking shit about, I suppose…

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