This was the week that was

So, it’s been a week since my life got flipped, turned upside down. This time last week I was a relatively responsibility free1 fella with a couple of nice things on the horizon but no real appreciation of what those things would mean.

Later on last Friday, I got that wake up call.

This is my new favourite position

This is my new favourite position

Yes, TLW(AMOMC) and I are now the proud cleaner-uppers after a young lad to be referred to as BBB.

Lord help us. And Lord help our neighbours, for they get the fun of hearing him test his lungs at 3am without the awesomeness of having him in their lives. Sorry ’bout that.

1 – Obviously, for a given value of responsibility free. Employment, mortgage, taxes, etc are all burdensome responsibilities and married life plus dog ownership are responsibilities but not burdens.

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