It would appear that I’ve made a bet with the barman about Ferrari’s prospects in the 2004 F1 season. And so, I’d like to make something very clear. I am not a big fan of Schumacher. However, I am a huge fan of Ferrari, and cannot see how anyone can be a fan of F1 without being a fan of Ferrari. They embody the spirit of the sport, and are the sole surviving owner-constructor of the good old days. To be honest: if you like F1, but not Ferrari, you like the event, but not the soul of the event.

Nevertheless, I think that my reasons for confidence in said bet should be laid out:

  • Ferrari have ruled the roost over the last four years.
  • BMW don’t have the reliability to challenge Ferrari.
  • BAR will fuck up almighty stylee within the first three races, or else the world will be very wrong.
  • Renault don’t have the strength of drivers that they should have to mount a challenge.

A very basic overview, but hey, I don’t care. Enjoy, people.

Oh, did I mention the whole half-a-second gap between Ferrari and the “contenders”? I didn’t? Musta slipped my mind then…

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