A few things

Things that annoy me: people who have accidents at major junctions at stupid o’clock in the morning, resulting in Traffic Chaos™. Actually, when the accident is at Nutts Corner, it’s not so much with the chaos, more with the “Oh, this road has suddenly turned into a big car park. Yippee.” And, of course, this carpark only appears when you round a blind corner, with no forewarning on the radio. Nice.

Things I like: once I’d gotten myself out of the carpark (hand brakes are so useful…), I managed to find lots of little back roads which enable me to get into work only eleven minutes later than normal, despite being stuck in aforementioned traffic for ten minutes. I like.

Things that annoy me: drunk bastards who can’t operate a car park gate, making me wait behind them for ten minutes after work on Saturday (or, strictly, 2am on Sunday) while they attempt to slide tenners into the card slot, get confused about car doors (eventually settling on the Dukes of Hazzard method of vehicular egress), and eventually leading them to the fucking pay machine and then back to their car. Bastard.

Things I like: did some door work over the weekend. Which was nice.

And now, to work!

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