Where I work, we all have to swipe in and out (like clocking in and out, but more anal high tech). Or we don’t get paid. Simple, see?

I work in a building that’s about 12 years old. And, considering it’s youth, the builders forgot something. Disabled access. Oops. So, now, they’re retrofitting a lift, right into the reception. Simple, see?

So, they have to close reception. Which means none of us can get to the swipe machine. Which means none of us will get paid. And nobody thought of this until ten minutes ago. Reception closed 20 minutes ago. Simple, see?

Of course, we could move the swipe to somewhere else. But that’s not going to happen, because we’re also moving the comms room (because the roof fell in on many pounds worth of kit). So, we’re can’t be moving anything else, because we can’t change anything on the server, because it’s in a box in the corner (we’re using a proxy, before anyone gets smart).

So, we’re all having to go back to the old fashioned way: accounts are going to have to trust people to fill in their details correctly. Mwhahaha! I’ll soon have enough for my holiday in the Bahamas! Obviously I’m making it up! I wouldn’t lie to get more pay! That’s what milage claims are for! (no tax, stupid)

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