End of an era

Some people are over the moon that Mark & Lard are going, but I’m not. Why, I’m not entirely sure. Their show is not the best, obviously, as the fat one gets that honour. They’re not the worst, because that spot is occupied by twat-features-who-is-up-the-duff. I think it’s just that their immature brand of humour appeals to me. So there.

So, tomorrow’s show will be the end of an era. And I will be there in spirit, but unable to listen. My boss handed me a tome of sites that I’d visited over the last week while at work. Four pages of URLs. Work related sites took up about an inch and a half. Oops.

3 thoughts on “End of an era

  1. No need for profanity. Just appreciate the moment, the mourning of the right-thinking world, at the demise of this wonderful show.

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