Again with the fuck off!

Bloody David bloody Blunkett. Put the burden on fucking criminals, not on the rest of us who should not have to prove to anyone who the fuck we are. And you can take your ?2,500 fine and shove it up your fat arse, because you will see precisly none of it from me. Twat.

Of course, another thing comes to mind. Instead of critising judges who implement your stupidly worded laws, and then demanding that parliament fix them, how about this: TAKE SOME FUCKING TIME TO WRITE PROPER LAWS THAT CAN BE USED BY THE LEGAL SYSTEM TO PROTECT THE COUNTRY, INSTEAD OF PUTTING OUT STUPID LEGLISLATION THAT ONLY CAUSES CONFUSION. And don’t automaticially assume that you’re always right, because you’re not. If a person is right 50% of the time, that’s good. But if you’re right 50% of the time, with the powers you’re giving yourself, then that 50% of the people you meet who have their lives pissed on.

No, I’m not bitter. I just think that Blunkett is a twat, that’s all.

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