So who is this Ed Hillan bloke?

©matt ashby&copy matt ashbyI’m Ed Hillan. AKA John. Pictorial evidence of this is at the left and right. Yup, that ugly bastid is me. I’m known both by the names Ed and John. This is logical when you consider that my name is actually Edward John and my family preferred John (which is a bit confusing; they chose the name, so I don’t know why they couldn’t have put them in the right order). It stands to reason that people at home know me as John, but that people who know me from University tend to know me as Ed. Mainly because I got bored of telling this story to everyone who saw my name on a form or anything. This happened a lot at university, where paperwork is king. Because of the fact that my degree came in the name of Ed, job applications went in that name too, and so most people I’ve worked with know me as Ed as well.

Oh, and I’m fully aware that the picture above is crap. I just like it, alright?

Can we get any more info, then?

A little bit. I’m from NIreland, a wee place called Randalstown, although I’m currently living in the big city of London with my lovely wife (referred to as TLW for reasons that should be obvious). I’m a manager of some sort during the day, and as lazy as possible by night. Anything more than that, you’ll be able to pick up from the old blog.

Oh yes, the blog.

I didn’t quite catch that…

A brief explaination. I started the blog in January 2003, for no good reason. Actually, I started it because of For No Good Reason. It was a blog run by a mate, and he had a little blogroll. Both are now dead. On it was not.so.soft, which is now also dead. A little playing about with the blogs mentioned there had me hooked. And I thought, “Hmm, I could do that. Not as well, obviously…” Oh, and I was in my final year at Warwick, so it was either revise or waste time on t’internet. And as I already owned the hillan.org domain, I thought the second option was better. Towards the start of 2006, I decided to move the blog to it’s current address: catchthat.net. It just seemed neater to have it over here, and leave the hillan.org domain for things that were less… silly.

I can’t remember why I chose the name, but it’s still there.