Straight through the bottom of the barrel

My opinion of the London 2012 olympics is not very high; Massive disruption, massive expense, much shitting on people who don’t want to sell their land, dubious benefits, the UK’s rampant uselessness when it comes to large scale public projects like this, etc, etc, all add up to something that won’t happen as intended, and even if it did, would still be shite.

Exhibit: the new logo:

© London 2012

Obviously the pink was a mistake, and they’re covering this by offering a selection of colours. But no improvement in colour is going to do away with the fact that it looks like a stylised dog turd.

Plz to return to drawing board, k tnx.

UPDATE: Well, this is a return to the drawing board, if not quite what I had in mind. Although I’d love to hear the blurb for it.


The 2012 Olympic Games: sucking the cock of London would probably be the spin put on it by the organisers, but we all know that London is too busy getting fucked over by the Olympics to be worried about any other kind of fucking…

And now that I’ve seen that animated gif, I can’t see any other interpretation of the logo.

3 thoughts on “Straight through the bottom of the barrel

  1. Maybe I’m seeing things but it looks as if you would slide it about a bit and it’d make a swastika. And the hot pink is vile beyond belief.

  2. I saw the advert for it and thought it was a rerun of some dreadful 80’s “yoof” tv show. Terrible, just terrible. I”ll design them something spiffy for for 400K.

    It is reminiscent of a broken swastika isn’t it?

  3. Nelly, I’ve long been of the opinion that hot pink is vile beyond belief. The good folk of Belfast don’t seem to agree. More fool them.

    MFG: I was considering designing a logo meself – something along the lines of a dog turd with 2012 on it – but a much better offering has reduced my keenness.

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