feckin’ Shatwick

You’d think that being under new ownership would get an airport to sharpen up its act, but no. Gatwick’s shiteness strikes once again, this time in the form of being unable to cope with a simple thirty minute delay by an easyJet flight from Belfast.

The short version:

  1. Plane arrives in Shatwick just over half an hour late, having made up time from an earlier Gatwick-inspired delay through a bloody quick turnaround and favourable weather conditions.
  2. Shatwick’s ground controllers send said plane to the international terminal to park.
  3. Somewhere between forty and forty five minutes pass before the fecking airport deign to send a bus to get us to the domestic terminal.
  4. Further delays occur between doors taking too long to open and passengers thinking that wheeled suitcases are the way forward in small spaces – most emphatically, they are not.
  5. The half hour delay by easyJet and the much longer delay caused by shatwick result in me and TLF not getting back into the house until after 1am.

In short, I am grumpy today. Boo.

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